Career opportunities for CMA USA


The certified management accountant (CMA) credential awarded by IMA (US) is an advanced professional certification that is equivalent to CMA(India)  as per an MOU signed between IMA and ICMAI (India).CMA (US) provides a tangible to the CMA (India)certification provided by the ICMAI.

Earning a CMA (US) professional certification demonstrates the professional expertise of a person in financial planning,analysis, decision support, control, and professional ethics.These are the skills that are demanded by top MNCs around the world and in India. India is fast becoming the financial capital of the world due to the brilliant minds in the country.

Who is it for?

In the early part of the century, Management courses were the hotcakes.Management courses still hold value, but unless the degree is earned from respectable institution, the value is pretty low in comparison.

The managerial decisions taken in companies today are very much tied to the Financial path of the company. The change in the dynamics of the corporate world has brought in the need for management professionals with financial prowess to make decisions.

The absorption rate of CMA professionals far outweighs any other graduate professionals. If coupled with a management degree the qualified professional becomes a prime candidate for many opportunities. One could even say, CMA is the new MBA given the ramifications it can have in a person’s future curve.

The Future is Bright

What gives CMA an upper edge is its practicality while working in large financial corporates. CMA can be defined as a specialization for professionals and students who wish to measure critical accounting and financial management skills in depth. These skills can help professionals to make managerial decisions and help the decision-making process.

Career prospects after completing CMA (USA):

Some of the job roles that you expect after completing CMA are:

  • Finance Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Financial Risk Manager
  • Financial Controller
  • Cost Accountant
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Cost Manager
  • Relationship Manager

CMA(US) qualified professionals are employed in India as well as abroad. It is globally recognized qualification and helps the professional to become globally viable. Large MNCs present in India requires management experts who have the financial prowess to make management decisions. The managerial scope that CMA(US) provides now is unmatchable.

Do it with the Best

CMAs are placed in well paid and key Managerial posts in most of the MNCs in India.Entry-level pay as a fresher can vary between Rs.8 Lakhs to 15 lakhs Rs per annum with key managerial entry into the MNCs.


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